Find out what you don’t know-Episode 1 Why are fire routes called fire routes?

My 10 year old asked me a question the other day, I have never been asked and I did not have the answer. As a 15 year vet in Real Estate and 19 year vet on fire departments, and Dad of 12 years you would think I would know the ...

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Find out what you don’t know- Episode 2 Why shoreline road allowances are so important to have knowledge on when purchasing your waterfront dream!

First of all, what is a shoreline road allowance (SRA)? Well, in the late 19th century the Crown instructed their surveyors to lay out 66-Foot road allowances along the banks of lakes and rivers in Ontario. These road allowances were used for logging and transportation of goods. Today, there is ...

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We have been in our new house for 13 months now. One thing we missed from our last house is a paved driveway. A paved driveway keeps the house clean, the curb appeal of the house is high and a large surface for the kids to play on. I had ...

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