Tips to Prep for Winter at the Cottage

It’s time to swap the sound of boats on the lake for snowmobiles on the ice, bikinis for snowsuits, and swimming for fireplaces. As long as you’re prepared. Here are some tips to upgrade your winter cottaging game to help you enjoy extended time at your cottage. Get your snow tires ...

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8 Ideas for Winter Fun at the Cottage

With just a little creativity and some easy modifications, you can enjoy the pleasures of the cottage during the shorter days of winter. Get more out of your recreational property by trying these 8 fun winter activities. Build a campfire and toast some s’mores: When you build a fire in ...

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Find out what you don’t know. Episode 10. When you no longer want to own a Cottage.

For many Canadians a luxury that we can enjoy is a family cottage, a camp or a forest getaway. These beautiful places offer a place to rejuvenate in quietness and solitude. Or maybe it is the time spent with family. Or maybe time on the trail. Like anything, nothing lasts ...

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