8 Ideas for Winter Fun at the Cottage

December 22, 2021

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With just a little creativity and some easy modifications, you can enjoy the pleasures of the cottage during the shorter days of winter. Get more out of your recreational property by trying these 8 fun winter activities.

  1. Build a campfire and toast some s’mores: When you build a fire in the middle of winter is not only nostalgic of those summer nights, but its enjoyable to huddle around the flames with family and friends, sharing stories and tasty snacks all while enjoying the great outdoors.Winter Campfire


2. Hit the spot with a nice hot drink: Nothing beats a cup of warm coffee, tea or hot chocolate while looking out at the quite snow falling on a frozen lake. Or even try your hand at specialty cocktails! Here are some recipes you can try.

Warming and relaxing near fireplace with a cup of hot drink.



3. Bring your outdoor gear if you have kids or not: Don’t forget to bring a snowsuit, your skis or snowboard, snowshoes or even try tobogganing and tubing. Some of the places you can go, include Lakeridge ski hill, Horseshoe Valley, Deerhurst Resort and Arrowhead Provincial Park. Click here for a list of winter hiking trails.



4. Pack a picnic: When you picture a picnic you think green grass and a warm breeze but with a few adjustments you can enjoy lunch in the fresh winter air anytime. Make sure you bundle up enough to stay warm and comfortable and most importantly choose warm foods, that you can fit in a backpack and keep them well insulated for the journey. Thermos containers are for more than just soup. Try packing a hot sandwich wrap, finger foods, stew or chili in a thermos and enjoy a hot lunch with a great view.

Winter Picnic


Winter Picnic by the Water





5. Go birding: Winter bird watching can be surprising really fun. There are lots of interesting water birds, birds of prey, game birds, and perching birds you can spot in the winter. Owls are perhaps the highlight of the season. Bird Canada has a list of species HERE you can find during Canada’s winter months. Also, because of winter’s unpredictable weather, birds are often flown off course and it’s pretty neat to spot a new bird you weren’t expecting to see.

Birds Feeding in the WinterCardinals Over Wintering


6. Card and Board Games: Nothing beats a little friendly competition that comes up when you play a card or board game at the cottage table when it’s a little too cold to be outside.

Cottage Games



7. Sit down, relax and read a new book: Now’s your time to slow down and finally crack open that book you haven’t had the time to get started.

Winter Cottage Reading



8. Don’t forget the essential accessories to bundle up with: Grab your comfy reading socks, onesies and large throws and make yourself a warm nest on the couch in front of the fireplace or a movie.

Cozy Winter Day



*Here’s a link to help you Prep for the Winter at the Cottage*



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