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Kawartha Cottage Rentals IGuide Photography System

Kawartha Cottage Rental IGuide Photography System is another tool in your rental toolbox to attract and secure more bookings.  A brief overview of the pros of using this system. Why iGuide? Our iGuide system is a proven system that we use to sell our waterfront properties. It is the most ...

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Find out what you don’t know- Episode 2 Why shoreline road allowances are so important to have knowledge on when purchasing your waterfront dream!

First of all, what is a shoreline road allowance (SRA)? Well, in the late 19th century the Crown instructed their surveyors to lay out 66-Foot road allowances along the banks of lakes and rivers in Ontario. These road allowances were used for logging and transportation of goods. Today, there is ...

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10 Tips Before Moving To A New Home

Moving can be an exciting and stressful time. So, to give you a bit of a head start when moving into your new home we have compiled a list of helpful and important things to do before moving in. Do a walkthrough: Ensure all requested and agreed upon repairs have ...

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