The Kawarthas Highlands Business and Lifestyle Blog-Story 3

October 28, 2021

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The Kawarthas Highlands Business and Lifestyle Blog

I hugged the pillow this morning until 7:30am. I stayed up past 1pm last night as I was putting some finishing touches on my stair refinishing project. I needed glue and caulking to dry over night before the stairs were used. I’m getting very close to finishing up the first set of stairs. The 2nd set of ugly stairs gets my attention as soon as I finish this set up. My next hold up is finding wood transition strips. I need to go from the tile to the wood. You wouldn’t think you’ll be hard to fine, but I have at least 10 stops with no luck so far.


I am a routine kind of guy so the sleep-in will probably throw off the rest of my day for a loop. We did go for our walk. I lost my walking partner as she had a hair appointment this morning so it was just Jax and I. I had showings booked for the day and they got cancelled. I had to choose this morning what to do with no planning. Lay on the couch for the day and watch movies, work around the house on projects or get out there and market my business?

I decided to do what I truly did not feel like doing and that was to go to work. Goofing did off sound so much better but I resisted. I hit the road and went face to face marketing. I travelled back lake roads like #Eels Lake, #Paudash Lake, #Chandos Lake and Jack Lake. Because it was a nice sunny day lots of people were out and about and willing to have a stop and chat. I circled around Wilberforce and stopped for lunch at the South Algonquin Diner. I went back home through Harcourt stopping at a few spots along Baptiste Lake. I got home early enough to get the grass a quick cut then got ready to take Faith to hockey practice then executive meeting!

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