What you don’t know-Episode 15 Living with the locals: The Black Bear

February 4, 2022


What you don’t know-Episode 15 Living with the locals: The Black Bear

Out of all the bear species in North America the black bear is the least aggressive and smallest bear which is found in our area. That said, the black bear is a still a powerful animal with large claws and weighing in between 100 to 200 pounds for a female and 150 pounds to 400 pounds for males. Black bears have a very sharp hearing and a keen nose. Black bears are mostly solitary animals spending most of their time searching out  foods in the wild like berries, mushrooms, grubs, fish and small mammals.

Always do your best to avoid bears. Avoid bears at the cottage or on your walks. For avoiding bears while walking, wearing a bell on your belt or backpack. The bell will make enough noise to alert the bears of your presence and the bear will likely avoid you at all costs. Watch for bears cubs. Cubs are playful and will wander from mom but I assure you Mom is not far off. Mom is a danger as she will protect her cubs and you are the threat.


For keeping Bears away from the cottage, do not present them with the invite in the first place. The number one way to keep bears away from your property is not to leave food to attract them. Attractants for bears on your property could be unproper storage of garbage and composters. Other attractant for bears are bird feeders and uncleaned BBQs. Once a bear finds your property to be a source for food the bear will turn itself into a nuisance bear that will keep coming back over and over to your property looking to be fed. 

I had a hunting camp listed last year that a bear knew there was food inside of the cabin and the bear had no problems ripping off the door to gain entry or smashing the window. Save yourself a ton of hassle and properly prepare your property to not attract bears.


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